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Tired of setting up appointments manually?
Setagendas is all you'll ever need to ensure that your customers easily and efficiently complete the booking process.
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Your Schedule At A Glance

Lightweight Appointment Platform

Our software solution enables you to quickly schedule your appointments,
visualize them on a Calendar Staff wise appointments.

Automate Email Notifications

Email confirmations let both your customers and staff know whenever a new appointment is booked.

Visualize Your Appointments

Filter scheduled appointments either by staff wise, daily, weekly, or monthly view by default with Setagendas.

Empower Customer Reviews

Customers will have the ability to post a review about the quality of the service they received, directly on your Booking Page.

Social Login Supportive

Keep your social presence active-even when you're not. Fill out forms when login, have all of their information in one place.

Overview At A Glance

Enable to have a clear overview on dashboard & never miss anything. Just glance your Setagendas!

Advanced Schedule Filtering

Easily see the exact data you need to see in order to quickly create error-free Appointments.

Customize Calendar View

Schedule Overview can be adjusted to show a single day, week or month in Calendar.

On Desktop & Mobile

Manage your workplace from anywhere either from your desktop or from your phone.

Avoid Schedule Conflicts

Advanced, Data-Driven Scheduling Maker

The central, most powerful module of the Setagendas platform that lets you create, edit and view all your staff, customers, appointments and many more. So stop waiting and start increasing your appointments by clicking the button below!
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All the features you need

Making Scheduling Easier with Setagendas

Check out what Setagendas can do for you!
Experience The Difference Setagendas Will Make In Your Business.

Graphical stats on appointments and Income in dashboard

Setagendas have added a few very interesting graphs into the company dashboard of users.In these graphs you can see various information about appointments by date, appointments by services, total paid or unpaid appointments, service wise contribution in income for the seleted date range (like for current week, month, today, next month, this month).

Self-Service Booking Page

Appointment Booking that makes it easy & discreet for customers to set appointments.Customer can copy the Booking Page URL and run it across multiple browsers.

Automated Emails Notifications

Setagendas emails that send auto-magically at key points to booked, edited, rescheduled, or cancelled on appointments to staff and customers.Customizing the sender name and signature for Notifications itself.

Set Timezones & Business Working Hours

Auto adjust for time zones, let customers easily cancel & reschedule themselves.Set working hours for each day (adjust the open and close times for each day). Whether you have different locations or different countries, Timezones can be customized to fit your needs.

Export Data To Excel

Keeps track of all your appointment & revenue data from your very first appointment and onward. The Export Schedule feature allows you to recall this information and filter it with specific service, or with staff name.

Multiple Staff Calendars

Add all of your staff and let them set up their own crazy schedules. Once they've got their availability plugged in, you won't have to keep up with it anymore. This features enable you to have a clear overview on your calendar and never miss anything.

Empower Customer Reviews

Customers will have the ability to post a review, directly on your Booking Page.You can approve, reject, or hide reviews. Only approved reviews will appear on Booking Page, and will be visible to other customers.

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Intuitive visualization layouts

Setagendas isn't just a scheduling tool-it's a full-blown, beautiful, incredibly user-friendly system for running your business end-to-end.
The daily and weekly work schedule is available to you and your staff anytime, from anywhere.


Get booked from anywhere, at any time

You can have unlimited staff, unlimited services and unlimited customers! Increase the productivity of your business by 40% with appointment scheduling system.

Maximize staff efficiency

Every staff profile has its own calendar,allowing to
book appointments and allow easy-to-manage

Business Profile Page

Customize your page with information about your
business, and start taking appointments in

Insightful reports

You can also create your own customized reports. Reports can be exported in CSV formats to
reduce the number of no-shows.